105) let’s go back to holding hands and cuddling in the backseat of our friends’ cars. :) you already got me coming undone, maybe two is better than one.
104) I’m pretty sure you are aware of my feelings for you. I miss you a lot and we do not see each other often, but every day I’m wishing we will have a future together. :) I’m positive that we will have a future together, if you and I are willing to try. I like you a lot. And that makes me happy.
103) i started wearing dresses 2 years after dating my boyfriend.i’m wearing a dreamy dress for my 19th birthday,& i couldn’t be any happier.


102) Me&You . Always and forever and ever and ever and ever , for eternity and longer . <3
101) You told me you loved me, I believed you because deep, deep down, I knew I loved you too. It is so hard for me to be away from you and not talk to you at all. I know you feel the same. It has been almost a week of not seeing your face, or hearing your voice. It’s like you disappeared of the face of the earth. I text you hoping to get a reply, and I call you hoping to hear your voice on the other end. You said you would always be there, because you love me. I need you but you are nowhere to be found, please come back I want to be in your arms again. I love you and I miss you so, so much I just hope you feel the same way.
100) I love my best friend lindsay. I’m glad I have her in my life. Even though she doesn’t have a tumblr, so there’s no point in me posting this .. but I will anyways.

We serenade each other with songs from Broadway musicals and we quote Charlie Bartlett monologues, and i peer pressure her into riding scary roller coasters, and we sing potter puppet pal songs.. but really. My life would be so boring and empty without her. linds, i love you. i thank BAYBEH JESUS everyday to have given me such a good friend. I love you beebeeh. and i guess i should tell you about the first time i got my period. and with an assis from me to be who you’ll be, instead or dreary who you were - well.. are - there’s nothing that can stop you from becoming popular- LAR. laaaaa laaaaa laaaa laaaa :) i LOVELOVELOVE YOU. and a year is measured in teeth, btw. A CORNUCOPIA OF LOOOOVE.

99) The first moment I realised I loved you: We had spent the entire weekend together, hardly sleeping, frantically completing the coursework we had due in. Even though you had left my flat (even hugging me for an extra long amount of time and saying thank you while you were leaving) I felt heartbroken two hours later when I turned around from my desk and realised that you weren’t there.

The moment I realised when I fell in love with you again, after I had ‘gotten over you’ because you didnt feel the same way about me:

I hadn’t seen you for 3 weeks, hardly texted you for 2 of those weeks, I had that sudden rush when you wanted to take me for a drive in your car. It was so unbelievably nice for me to sit there listening to how you had taken the air filter off your car, how you had gotten new music, how you only smoked rollies, generally just chatting like you had never chatted to me before. Then you came over mine with our other friend, we had fun, socialised, she left, you stayed, you slept over and instead of waking you I left you asleep. You looked so peaceful you were shockingly beautiful. I left you there for 7 hours, going about my usual things while you slept. It was only after you woke and left to go back to your flat was when I had that heartbroken feeling again.

I have come to realise that I can’t live without you. Your presence makes me feel whole. I’m the best person in the world when I’m with you.

It’s just too bad that you don’t feel the same way because I know we would be amazing, and I even think that you know we would be amazing because you never deny it when people ask are we dating or when people say we make a great couple. Even when you have a gf already.

But its okay, I have the patience of a saint. I can wait, and I will wait … I love you.

98) I miss how we used to be. Staying up late everyday talking to each other, and waiting for me to sleep first. Telling you what had been bothering me, knowing that I could trust you. What happened? We barely even talk anymore.
97) Thank you for spending the night. You were tired and wanted to go back home (you live 45minutes away from me) But you still waited to take my sister to see her friends just so you can see me. I felt so guilty and I’ve missed you so much these past few days I started to cry. I was sad and scared at the very thought of losing you. You held me in your arms for a while and decided you would spend the night with me. And when you left this morning you made sure I knew how much you love me. I love you.
96) I love you more than I could have ever imagined possible. For 6 years we have been going strong, and I couldn’t be happier. You were my first love, my first kiss and my first girlfriend. And I’m only hoping that you’ll say yes to one thing- Michaela Rivers, will you marry me?
95) I miss who you were, I miss how we were. You were so open minded and caring. Now you don’t give a shit and have a disgustingly closed mind. Hopefully when we both mature we can meet again and fall in love all over again. I’ll always love you, f&a.
94) I wish you would magically find my tumblr, aim screen name, or get a phone and text me just to say hi. i hardly know you, but i love your smile & freckles. you intrigue me :)
93) we walked to the park, we caught up on so many things. after a long talk and walking and taking pictures, we headed back to my house. we went upstairs and talked about our friendship, what we’ve been up to, and all that stuff. it was the talk we needed. i know for sure she’s my best friend, i love her a lot.

and i was so surprised when i saw her crying. i love my best friend, so much, it was amazing watching each other grow up and deal with all the stupid drama, we’ve been through a lot, in the end we just got closer <3

92) today was a good day. i was the first one to see my friend’s braces, we made friendship bracelets together, we played DDR together, we ate lunch together, we had yogurt together, and now she’s still at my house. i don’t know if she knows that i’m posting this, but i’m glad that we had a day we got to hang out. and for the three years she’s been my friend, this is the first time she’s been in my house, and she’s the second close friend of mine to see my new house. i love her a lot :)
91) i love my gloworm pea, she’s nice and pretty and as modest as can be!